Protect Your Exterior Spaces from the Elements

Exterior Retractable Screens reduce heat gain, glare, and fade. To STOP heat gain, you must stop it OUTSIDE the glass. Once a light ray passes through glass, it converts into a heat ray. You can push very little of it back through the glass. The rest of them remain inside your home until the outside temperature is lower than the inside temperature of your home. Hence the 'greenhouse effect'. That’s why every air conditioner ever made has an air handler or air return. If you don’t get those heat rays out, no matter how much cool air you pump in, you can’t cool down your home. So, stop the light ray before it becomes a heat ray – outside of the glass.

Exterior Retractable Screens can literally make it 9–11 degrees cooler and more with virtually unobstructed viewing.

You can use them on patios, windows, and doors. Available in widths up to 20’ and heights up to 12’. If over 20’ wide, the fabric needs to be split vertically and coupled at the roll tube.

All larger units need to be Motorized and preferably Automated. Smaller units can be hand-cranked.



  • Five standard powder-coated colors for the box, tracks, or hem bars
  •  Multiple fabrics available
  •  Custom powder coating is available at an additional cost
  •  Multiple ways to operate – from hand crank to SOMFY integration with your existing automation or an entirely new SOMFY automation such as myLink, where you can operate your RTS motorized unit with just a tap on your mobile device.
  •  Handheld remotes or in-wall remotes.
  •  Chronis timers

These units can be built during construction. Contact us to meet with you and your architect, builder, or designer.